(Guru/Teachers/coaches/trainers role:)

If teachers look at the profession just as a means to make a living, students are in the wrong hands.Teaching should not be restricted to sharing information from books with the kids.Teachers must inspire, explain, converse, share, learn, connect and evolve with the students
In academics, analyse answer sheets with the students, than just grading and informing them. In chess, let kids analyse positions on their own, observe their methods and help them do it better.
If a child gives his best, I consider him successful in that activity irrespective of the outcome of the activity.Teachers should look at their students as their own children and share equally in their pain and joy along their journey.
Teachers should make the kids realise that they have all qualities that are required, to be good at what they are attempting to learn but they also have many qualities which they dont require that can hamper their learning process.Equip them to handle their doubts, insecurities, peer pressure, handling others expectations, irresponsible critical comments, really useful critical comments, overcome laziness, increase their appetite to learn and absorb, etc.
Teacher should not try to hold on to the student with them forever, once we realise we cannot participate in the growth of the player anymore, let them go gracefully, we have done our part.
A teacher cannot be equally effective with all the students, only with those they can establish deep connection emotionally. Gaining the trust of the student is very important. We should constantly upgrade our skills, teaching methods, our knowledge and not restrict our teaching to sharing only things which we know about. We should learn new things and teach the students the art of learning things themselves through their own effort.

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