Chess Gurukul Mentors

GM Ramesh RB

Founder - Chessgurukul

A thoughtful Master and strategist, his passion for chess and nurturing young talents keeps him up and running.  Founded ChessGurukul in 2008 with a vision to take Chess to every possible individual talents. A wordsmith and author of many Chess books including “Improve your Chess Calculation” that won the Book of the year award in 2023. Led the proudful Indian team as a Coach and Captain of Indian Olympiad teams during 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2022. Under his leadership, the India-2 team won the Bronze in the Chess Olympiad 2022 @ Mahabalipuram, Chennai.

A grandmaster himself, our Chief RB Ramesh has always been a go-to person and a prime reason for creating many many young and vibrant Grandmasters that includes the child prodigy – Praggnanandhaa.

GM Ramesh has a number of accolades/awards  in his inspiring career and is a most sought Chess Guru.

WGM Aarthie

Cofounder - Chessgurukul

An apt “Queen to the King” – Aarthie ensures smooth E2E operations of ChessGurukul as a co-founder. Ramesh says – “Happy to have such a wife” when she advised that – we should focus on winning our match and accept the outcome whatever it is…” . Aarthie and Ramesh are the first Grandmaster Couple of India.

Aarthie unwraps young talents to perform and achieve better heights. A go to person for all Chess aspiring kids. Together these couple runs the best coaching centre across the entire country.