Offline Classes

Chess Gurukul conducts offline classes at its centre in T.Nagar, Chennai, South India. Kindly note our offline classes are ONLY at Chennai academy.

Our varied types of Offline Classes:

Group Classes: In a group class, the instructor may teach multiple students at once. Group instruction may be more interactive, as students can ask questions and learn from one another. The varied groups are:
Group A (Beginners)
Group B (Advance Beginners)
Group C (Intermediate)
Group D (Advance Intermediate)
Group E & F (Advance)

Individual Classes:
Personalized Instruction: One-on-one chess classes provide personalized instruction and feedback tailored to for individual needs and skill level. The instructor can identify your strengths and weaknesses and focus on improving the game accordingly.

Efficient Learning: In one-on-one chess classes, the students receive undivided attention from the instructor, which enables them to learn at a faster pace and with greater depth. Can ask questions, clarify doubts and get immediate feedback, which helps the students avoid repeating mistakes and reinforce good habits.

Periodical tournaments: Chess Gurukul conducts online tournaments that are exclusive for our students and may any approved players. Chess Gurukul also conducts offline chess tournaments at its academy students can put their skills to the test against one another. For more details on the periodical tournament, view: