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GM Ramesh RB

The official commentator for the Anand vs Carlsen World chess Championship Match, 2013. Founded ChessGurukul in 2008. He is the former British chess champion in 2002 and commonwealth chess champion in 2007, whose students have won 45 Gold medals in World events and has produced many great talents, including Praggnanandhaa. He is a Senior FIDE trainer and has served as the coach of the Indian Olympiad team during 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018 during which India won historic Bronze medal in the 2014 Chess Olympiad at Thrompso, Norway. He is the author of Chess Fundamentals: Logical Decision Making and an extensive video course for the Nurtr platform. Ramesh convincingly won the award for FIDE’s Junior Trainer of the Year in 2018, from a jury consisting of four former World Champions among others. His Passion for chess and training has helped raise many young talents achieve big success in their career through Chessgurukul.

WGM Aarthie Ramaswamy

She is the former World U-18 Girls chess champion in 1999 and the Indian National Women Champion in 2003. Married to GM Ramesh they are the first Grand Master couple of India! Aarthie is also a FIDE arbiter and member of the FIDE Tournament Rules and Regulations Committee. She has been the trainer of the medal winning Indian youth and Junior teams for Asian and world chess championships, several times.

Kunal M

He is an International Master (elect) in Chess. He had a peak rating 2394 and his current rating is 2290. He is a former Tamil Senior State Champion (twice) and won more than 25 International Fide Rating Tournaments. He has been coaching for 3 years in Chess Gurukul. His students won medals in various events. Children come with all different skill levels and he works diligently to help them improve. In addition to his credentials, He believes a good coach is on a continuous learning journey. Therefore, he works and examines the latest trends in chess.

Usha Rohini

Fide rated 1176, has an experience of 12 years as a chess trainer. She’s an enthusiastic player. She has been with Chessgurukul training young children for the last 5years. She has trained more than 100 students in the startup batch for Chessgurukul. She’s a very passionate teacher with whom students connect very well. She also has 8 years of experience teaching chess in schools.


Vivek is a Certified FIDE National Instructor who has a peak FIDE Rating of 1898. He has produced 40 FIDE rated players during his career as trainer in an international school. He represented our country in the Amateur world and Asian championships. Having Played in 14 countries he had gained a vast knowledge of chess culture in various parts of the world. He had been the manager for Indian Chess Olympiad coaching camp. His chess Gurukul students have won many medals in state and national level championships here in India and abroad.


Manikandan was an IT Professional for 15 years and due to his undying passion for chess he quit IT and became one of the chess coaches in our academy. He has a Peak FIDE rating of 1719. He had handled more students during his long-term association with Academy. Now via online, he trains a lot of students ranging from beginner to players rated 1200. His Coaching has borne many fruits in the form of medals by many of his students in state, national and international championships


Jagadha is one of our experienced coaches, who currently have a FIDE rating of 1891. She had taken part in a lot of national championship at her early age. She trains young minds in an instructive way and enjoys every moment of teaching and sharing knowledge. Her students Archit Kannan, Dananjey, Lakshana, Muthu, Pragnya, Fathima have secured many notable achievements in various state, national and international events.


Vivekanathan is a FIDE certified National Instructor and a rated player with a peak rating of 1733. He had won many awards from various national level competitions from age 3. He is also a certified Arbiter for matches held at state level. He had been training many children from countries across the world and have 5 years of teaching experience. He is a passionate trainer who teaches his students with full involvement and interactive ways with fun and excitement. His aim is to take children to the helm of chess thereby improving their creativity, capacity and originality. He encourages his wards to take up chess as special profession apart from their regular curriculum by his eminent preparation. He has been teaching various students from beginners to rated players individually as well as groups in our Chess Gurukul Academy.


Vishnu is an MBA graduate who had been working in a bank for 2 years since Chess interested him more he moved on to work in an International School to work as a chess coach for couple of year later he joined Chess Gurukul since then he has worked on a few projects for Gurukul and has been training students online. Vishnu holds Fide rating of 1500 and is a 5 time district champion and also has represented TamilNadu in the National Amateur Championship. His students have been excelling in several tournaments globally.


HariRaj is a passionate chess player and coach with a Career-high FIDE rating of 1660. He was Runner up in Sri Lankan International Open Tournament 2013. He had represented India in the Asian Junior Chess Tournament. His students had won Medals in Commonwealth and Western Asia age category championships. Chess Gurukul is happy to have him as one of our prominent coaches.

Ruttumbara Bidhar

WFM Ruttumbara Bidhar is a passionate and fun-loving chess trainer, with a rating of 1952. She is a Women FIDE Master, has an International Woman Master norm. She is an International Chess Player who had traveled to various countries and won various medals in International competitions. Her achievements include several Gold, Silver, Bronze medalist in several state, National, Commonwealth, Asian Youth, World Youth chess championships in her respective categories (20-25 medals). She is good in analysing and teaching opening line, assisting and following the student with a personalised homework routine, working on student’s calculation and visualisation abilities.

Pooja Kanth

Pooja Kanth is a national player, who has won many state level championships in the year 2006-2014. Her highest career fide rating was 1923.Her notable performances include SGFI nationals -2nd, representing Tamilnadu in national women’s championship, Completing civil engineering with full sports scholarship from Sathyabama University. She has been Women’s team captain of Sathyabama university from the year 2010-2014.Many of her students has scored well against titled players.She is specialized in Queen pawn opening and Caro Khan defence.

Swathi Priyadharshini

Swathi Priyadharshini is young, diligent and proficient coach who engages the kids with the game in a lovely way and gives corrections without resentment. She is also a aspiring CA student and a degree holder… Both her father and mother are fide rated chess coaches which helped her to quickly gain effective playing and coaching skills. She has two years of coaching experience in various schools in chennai,and has a rating of 1076, now currently working as a chess coach in chess gurukul molding young minds in the ancient game.


Muthukumar was an Engineer by career for few years and due to his inner passion for chess he quit his job and became one of the chess coaches in our academy. He has a Peak FIDE rating of 1501. He is an energetic person and training kids for past 6 years. Now via online, he trains a lot of students ranging from beginner to players to rated players above 1000. His rich experience and excellent Coaching has borne many fruits in the form of medals by many of his students in state, national and international championships


Coach Senthil is a FIDE Instructor, Arbiter and FIDE Rated international Player with a Peak rating of 2084. He started training students in 2001. He is an M.B.A., M.Sc. (Psychology) Graduate. His passion towards Chess made him fully committed to this sport. He is undertaking chess classes for Beginners and Intermediate players. A bunch of his students had won District and State level tournaments and his students mostly have decent FIDE Rating and also they have won rating category prizes.