Congrats Vishnupriya !!

Congratulations to Vishnupriya for securing 10th place in Chennai District Chess Association Selection championship in Under 17 category.

Congrats Maavir !!

Congratulation Maavir for winning Chennai chess district selection championship in under 7 category.

Congtaulations Pragg !!

Congratulations Praggnanandhaa for winning Magnus Carlson again !! keep rocking !!!!


Congratulations to V MEENATCHIRAJAM for winning first place with cash price 10,000 U 17 Girls school nationals

Congrats to Ashwinika !!

Congratulations Ashwinika Mani for winning aecond place with cash price 7000 in the National School Games U13 Girls Chess Championship

Congrats Pragnya !!

Congratulations Pragnya for winning second place with cash price 7000 in the national schools U15 Girls Chess Championship Orrisa


“One of the best and most friendly coach I have ever worked with!” “Learnt how to prepare openings in a subtle manner which became one of my strong points later.” I have closely interacted with Ramesh Sir and I have learnt a lot of things from him. His unmatched wisdom and his ability to grasp the strength and weakness of any player quite quickly amazes me. An intelligent coach who values more smart work.
GM Sethuraman
“Ramesh sir's approach towards how to think on the board & off the board is truly remarkable.”
GM Debashih Das
"I worked with Ramesh Sir when I was an upcoming Junior. I took online sessions as well as attended camps in Chess Gurukul academy in Chennai. Back then I was struggling to complete by Final IM norm and it was quite frustrating to work so hard yet not achieving the desired results. In these times of frustration Ramesh sir's guidance and coaching was very valuable to me. He taught be how to prepare openings systematically and also improved my positional sense. Another important quality of Ramesh sir is his ability to motivate a student. His tips on psychology kept motivating me in tough times. Soon after working with Ramesh sir and gaining the necessary confidence, I was able to achieve my final IM Norm and complete by International Master Title."
GM Swapnil Dhopade
Ramesh sir has a systematic approach towards addressing the issues a student is facing. This coupled with his vast knowledge in all areas of chess and collection of instructive examples played an important role in not only addressing my weaknesses but also enriching my general chess understanding. His methods helped me in realizing my untapped potential.
GM Ankit Rajpara
After winning my first category national title in 2005...I had the opportunity to work with Ramesh anna, it was an enlightening experience...He taught how to do opening preparation and some of the lines we worked on, I follow to this day! Couple of years later I had the great opportunity to work with him again during training sessions for the indian olympiad team and this time he showed me how much he has grown as a coach and as a player by teaching me so many middlegame and endgame principles. 2018 was definitely one of my best career years so far I have won the Fischer memorial (Reykjavik open) and qualified into the Indian team and also won the strong closed round robin event "Tournament of peace". A big part of my success in 2018, I owe to Ramesh Anna! I would dare to say that he directly influenced my play to cross 2700! I also whole heartedly recommend his book "Logical decision making" which covers many of the chapters we worked on! Another important quality of Ramesh sir is his ability to motivate a student. His tips on psychology kept motivating me in tough times. Soon after working with Ramesh sir and gaining the necessary confidence, I was able to achieve my final IM Norm and complete by International Master Title."
GM B Adhiban
Chess Gurukul is a wonderful place to learn. That's where I have learned a lot of things. I am extremely happy to be part of Chess Gurukul. Iam extremely privileged to be your student and I have learned immensely from Chess Gurukul. Coaching here is worth beyond words. Each and every coach is knowledgeable and always willing to help students irrespective of the place they come from. For me, its a home away from home.
Alana Meenakshi. K
I am very much indebted to my Gurus in Chess Gurukul GM R.B. Ramesh Sir, WGM Aarthie Madam, Kunal Sir and Jagadha Mam for their constant encouragement and guidance which helped me win laurels and medals in Asian, West Asian, National Chess Championships and other International Chess Tournaments.
Daakshin Arun
I sincerely acknowledge the contribution of coaches at Chess Gurukul, WGM Aarthie Mam, Jagadha mam and team for my achievements in chess in the past 3 years, especially winning the U-7 Chennai District Chess Championship and good performances in other International and National chess championships.
Sukirthan Arun
I have been with Chess Gurukul since 2014 and it is my second home. I’m indebted to Usha ma’am for sharpening my basics and Jagadha Maam for imparting the rigor and discipline in approaching my chess games. The classes with WGM Aartie Maam have allowed me to deepen my knowledge of the game. Sessions with GM Ramesh Sir has enabled me to strengthen my skills and playing with the best players has made me competent in chess. I feel proud that I’m part of Chess Gurukul where everyone has ‘time to think’.
I have been working with Ramesh Sir for more than 6 years, Ramesh sir has a systematic approach on and off the board and has always supported and motivated me.
WGM Vaishali
Around 2016, I had a feeling that my playing strength got stagnant. It was Ramesh sir who enlightened my vision in terms of how to practice, which areas to work and how to plan the works. My playing strength grew substantially under his guidance. With his vast knowledge and experience, he has also helped me in other aspects of life like mental issues, changing my personality etc. He is my mentor, guide, coach and everything!
GM Karthikeyan Murali
I learn to prepare chess in a professional way. Ramesh sir has always been a friend to me more than a coach, Special thanks to your kindness and endless dedication Sir.
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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the individual. Talks are going on to introduce National, Asian and World Chess Championships for kids below 6 years of age. With that in view, we believe that the ideal age to start chess is between 5 to 6, provided the child shows some interest towards the game.

A strong chess player is moulded by the cumulative efforts of the player himself/herself, parents, trainers, sponsors, school and so on. But primarily, a child looks up to his/her parents for material resources and emotional needs.

As a parent you can…

  • play with your child and develop the interest and confidence in the game.
  • be a mentor and motivate your child by narrating insipiring stories and events.
  • purchase chess material for individual practice at home.
  • instil the importance of learning the right things well.
  • prevent your child from racing towards victory through shortcuts and instead encourage him/her to earn it through hard work and commitment.
  • plan everything to balance the time between academics, training and tournaments.
  • identify the right trainer for individual training when your child reaches a certain level.
  • identify the tournaments to participate and plan intense training sessions for preparation before a tournament.
  • persuade the school to support your child’s chess ventures.
  • teach them the importance of individual practice at home.
  • help your child handle expected and unexpected results in a balanced way. Chess is a sport, so winning and losing is completely normal.

A good trainer can motivate the child in the right way, teach the essential basics of the game, set the right attitude, kindle the interest in learning and working individually at home. The trainer should incline your child more towards learning so that victories come automatically but not the other way round.

According to a school of thought, it takes roughly 20 hours per week of practice to become a successful professional in any discipline. It would be ideal if a child, aspiring to become a Grand Master, can practice chess 2 hours a day during weekdays/schooldays and around 4 hours on weekends. Chess being an individual sport, a player should learn to think for himself/herself and take tough decisions all by himself/herself. Regular individual work will help improve these qualities greatly! The importance of home work in chess cannot be emphasized enough.


Terms and Conditions: Chess Gurukul reserves all right to change, deny or reschedule any class, both online and offline. Any arbitration or legal proceedings against Chessgurukul would fall under the Jurisdiction of Chennai High court.

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