Fostering Promising Talents since 2013

ChessGurukul Charity was founded with the vision of helping promising chess players with financial support. Our vision is to provide **"opportunity for all"**. ChessGurukul has been providing free chess initiation classes to children from backward and also free professional chess training for upcoming youngsters.


We look forward towards generous financial contribution from well wishers to enable us identify and help the young players get professional training and support to participate in national and international events. The training we provide at ChessGurukul has been able to produce champions in the national and world arena, representing India.

Typically to participate in international events, players require financial assistance for travel, stay, tournament fee, etc. Send a mail to [email protected] to know more on how to contribute.

2020 Educational fee for Lakshman and Kumarappan Covid mask distribution, ration and relief from ND distributed


2013: IM Aravindh Chidambaram and Priyanka Kalidas.

2014: Priyanka Kalidas, Krisha and Kruthiga.

2015: Priyanka and Mahalakshmi.

2016: Pranesh.

2017: Pranesh and Savitha Shri.

2018: Savitha Shri.

2019: Pranesh, Savitha Shri and Lakshman Karuppaiah.