Improving Calculations!

Very often, many young players are solving puzzles regularly at home but still do not make progress in improving their calculation.
For the work to be effective, the following four criteria should be met: 1. Do not move pieces while solving puzzles 2. Complete answer should be found not just the first or second move. 3. If opponent has a good defensive resource, it should be found too 4. The answer we find should be correct. These 4 common mistakes should be avoided.

Usually, the players who are not making progress are those who either move pieces while solving or miss opponents resources often.
It is better to solve simple positions correctly and then slowly graduate to tougher positions instead of doing tough ones incorrectly on regular basis.
It is alright to take more time to solve puzzles initially, till we master the art of solving puzzles without mistakes rather than to rush to get the answer quickly, making many mistakes in the process. Accuracy more important than speed.

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